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With over 300 cumulative years of reciprocating compressor experience, ACI is your source for reapplication, revamping or upgrading existing compressor equipment. From problem definition to final product, ACI has a proven track record of success.With over 300 cumulative years of reciprocating compressor experience, ACI is your source for reapplication, revamping or upgrading existing compressor equipment. From problem definition to final product, ACI has a proven track record of success.

Reciprocating Compressor Experts

ACI Service, Inc. is the industry leader in providing engineered solutions for reciprocating compressors. ACI’s customer-centric solutions are built upon ACI’s advanced performance modeling abilities, detailed manufacturing of innovative hardware products, effective customer service, and developing and comparing multiple solutions to identify the best option for each customer to meet their goals and objectives.

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Cylinder Cracking

Cylinder bodies are pressure containing vessels. Cylinder cracking is a safety concern from a gas containment issue, as well as a catastrophic failure of the cy...

Zero-Hour Maintenance

Many customers want to perform a zero-hour refurbishment of their existing cylinders....

Capacity Control

Compressor does not meet daily flow objectives. There is a need to increase or decrease the flow control and output of the compressor....

Valve Failure

Increased Flow Demands impacting your Valve Life?...

Parts Request

Customers in need of compressor parts in support of routine maintenance or when a failure occurs can find many parts through our Customer Service Center at ACI....

Automate Manual Devices

Compressors equipped with clearance pockets and end deactivators have the potential for operations across wide ranges of pressures, flow rates, and power requir...

ACI’s eRCM Pro™ Modeling Software provides the ideal solution to model compressor performance.

eRCM Pro™ displays the unit’s performance curves:

  • Models compressor performance and safety according to OEM methods.
  • Interactive and fast!
  • International aware with full complement of units of measure.

and more!

eRCM laptop
mCore eRCM Express

eRCM Express™ is an industrial computer that powers reciprocating compressor modeling technology. Remove operating map constraints from your reciprocating compressor. Allow it to achieve its full performance.

  • Predicts safe performance across unit’s full operating map
  • Calculates full rod loads and pin reversals
  • Simple, just connect the power and Ethernet
  • Provides OEM-compatible modeling

and more!

Performance Engineered Compressors

ACI knows compressors inside and out. If you’re looking for hard to find parts, custom solutions or expert diagnoses then we’re just a phone call away. Click a marker on the model to learn more out each component.

Training from the Experts

eRCM Thermo Overview™


Need a quick overview of ACI’s eRCM™ Thermo Software? Then this is the video for you.


Boring a Cylinder


Boring a large block of metal that can weigh multiple tons is challenging. Making sure tolerances are met, smoothness of finishing is met, and porosity is not encountered are additional challenges. This video helps clarify the machining process.


Rotavator Valve Unloader


Rotavators are useful to deactivate cylinder ends when poppet valves are used. This animation shows how rotavator valves work, and how they can be used to unload compressors.


Success Stories

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The existing compressors, (4) Worthington BDCcompressors, no longer supported by the OEM. Old pipeline plant moth-balled for many years. Purchased by Spire Storage with limited reciprocating compressor experience.


Multiple pipeline connections requiring a wide range of operating conditions. Aggressive project timeline after FERC approval.


  • Modeled performance and developed a performance map to meet all conditions using ACI Simplex and Duplex Unloaders.

  • Designed new cylinder assemblies using existing forged cylinder bodies from the used market.

  • All new internals.

  • Refurbished compressor frames to as-new condition.

  • Refurbished 5500 HP electric motors.

  • New primary and secondary pulsation bottles

  • Pulsation and mechanical/torsional studies

  • Provided a “new unit warranty” and “comprehensive product support.”

“I highly recommend ACI Services to anyone in the market for professional and reliable compressor parts. Whether you need a specific compressor part or a custom plan, its great team will ensure you receive the best customer service and solution for your needs.”

-Darren Morris


ReCompress has the capabilities and experience to design and manufacture any cylinder assembly possible.

We will design and build new cylinders to your specifications or to match OEM specifications and the new cylinder body can often utilize existing valves, pistons, rod assemblies and packing cases. We will design the new cylinders such that they will maintain the same center line dimensions and frame connections as the existing cylinder, this allows a ‘drop in’ replacement of the cylinder and using the existing bottles and auxiliary connections.

recompress equipment