Automate Manual Devices


Compressors equipped with clearance pockets and end deactivators have the potential for operations across wide ranges of pressures, flow rates, and power requirements. However, if these devices are manually actuated, then many of them are not used to their full potential – they can be physically difficult to adjust, devices can be challenging to reach, existing safety concerns, etc.

Converting unloading devices from manual actuation to pneumatic actuation can provide a station with significantly more loading and unloading abilities, and thus expand its operating ranges, potential flow rates, etc. while also making the devices easier for operators to use and maintain.

ACI Expert Advice

  • ACI has converted hundreds of types of manually actuated pockets and end deactivation devices (from various OEMs) to pneumatically controlled devices.
  • Usually a site visit is made to inspect the devices, listen to customer goals, and to develop solutions and work with the customer to determine which solution best meets their budgets, timeframe, compression goals, and automation requirements.
  • Depending on user needs and station resources, actuation medium can be shop air or pipeline gas.