eRCM Express™

Powered by eRCM™ Modeling Software

  • Empowers UCP with dynamic speed and pressure safety limits
  • Predicts safe performance across unit’s full operating map
  • Calculates full rod loads and pin reversals per throw
  • Simple — just connect the power and Ethernet cables
  • Provides OEM-compatible modeling
  • Improves capacity and reduces costs
  • Models single and multi-stage units

Remove operating map constraints from your reciprocating compressor. Allow it to achieve its full performance.

eRCM Express™ is an industrial computer that powers proven eRCM™ reciprocating compressor modeling technology, conveniently packaged in the robust and field-proven Monico mCore SDR hardware platform.

eRCM Express can be DIN rail mounted, or mounted with angle brackets inside your existing Control Panel.

eRCM Express receives real-time unit operating point data inputs from the PLC. In response, it returns eRCM™ based compressor performance and safety advisor outputs that are critical to safely and efficiently controlling the compressor:

  • Safety and availability of Next Step Up, Next Step Down, and Ideal Load Step, regardless of complexity of the load step matrix
    • Checks for safety issues for all Load Steps, not just current one
  • Full set of Compressor Performance Predictions:
    • Base: Load, Flow, Fuel, etc.
    • Safety: Rod Loads, Pin Reversals, Crank Forces, etc.
    • Detail: Available data covers unit, all stages, all throws, and all cylinder ends
  • Provides Safe Start Up Information for setting Load Step before Closing Bypass
  • Provides dynamic ranges for safely adjusting Suction Pressure during operations
  • Provides dynamic ranges for safely adjusting Speed during operations
  • Provides data useful for Condition Monitoring:
    • Gas Slippage Rates per cylinder (to know when valves/rings are leaking too much)
    • Appropriate Interstage pressures (to know when a serious issue is affecting system)

eRCM Express V1.1 Manual

Current Product Manual

Troubleshooting Known Issues

eRCM Express Diagnostic Software*

This program covers all hardware versions.

*Diagnostic Software is only useful for those users with Modbus protocol.

Monico mCore SDR Manual

Covers mCore product features not specific to eRCM Express.

Legacy eRCM Express Manual

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