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eRCM Pro™ is the industry standard, commercial software package for modeling reciprocating compressors.

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eRCM Pro™ features:

Users specify compressor geometry (frame, cylinder, stage, throw, valving, etc.), operating ranges, gas analyses, and unloading devices. eRCM Pro then calculates and displays unit performance outputs such as powers, flows, pressures, and temperatures.

While unit performance is very important, safety is even more critical. eRCM Pro software models unit safety according to how the OEM of that equipment expects it to be modeled. Since OEM calculation methods and limits vary between OEMs, your specific equipment needs to be modeled according to its manufacturer’s safety requirements.

eRCM Pro also helps end users decide on hardware changes. Over time, typical operating pressures may change at a station. Within seconds, a user can model adding a new fixed-volume clearance pocket to a cylinder to identify if that proposed change provides sufficient unloading to accommodate the new operating pressures.

No compressor performance program is complete without an ability to improve its predictions. eRCM Pro accepts results from analyzer data and then uses this real-world data to tune performance predictions to better accommodate the effects of pulsation, pressure drops, effective clearances, actual valve and parasitic losses, friction losses, and more.

  • One File for All Units at Station
  • Create Generic or OEM-specific Models
  • Create Single Service or Multiple Service Models
  • Uses Advanced Thermodynamics (ProSim™)
  • Loads Older eRCM Models
  • Loads Exports from Ariel, Cooper Machinery Services, Siemens Energy, LeROI, NGSG, Arrow Engine, and more.
  • Fully International Aware (numbers, text, etc.)
  • Supports Wide Array of Units of Measure
  • Professional Reports
  • Dynamic Point Performance and Curves

  • Creates P-V plots, Force Plots, Torque Effort Plots, etc.

  • Supports Side Streams In and Out, Including Gas Mixing
  • Easy Creation of Load Step Sequences
  • Creates Wide Array of Tables and 3D Plots
  • Support for variety of load control devices: Fixed and Variable Clearance Pockets, End Deactivators, Timed-valve Closing Devices, Gas Stepless Devices, and even Variable-stroke Devices
  • Files can be used throughout company, from edge/PLC/Monitoring (MMS Sentinel, Monico eRCM Express) to Gas Control (DNV’s Synergi Gas) to Big Data Analytics (Process Innovation Plugins), and more.
  • And still, eRCM Pro generates the fastest performance and graphs in the industry!

eRCM Pro Training Video

Click the video to view Dwayne Hickman’s initial training video introducing ACI’s eRCM Pro™ software, and key features and sections. Ideal for those already familiar with eRCM™.

eRCM™ Downloads

eRCM Express™ Diagnostic Software*
This program covers all hardware versions. *Diagnostic Software is only useful for those users with Modbus protocol. 1 file(s) 7508 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Express
eRCM Express™ V1.1 Manual
Current Product Manual 1 file(s) 4989 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Express
eRCM Pro™ Software
eRCM Pro™ is the industry standard, commercial software package for modeling reciprocating compressors. 1 file(s) 4283 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Support Software
eRCM Viewer™
Loads models created by eRCM Pro and allows users full access to compressor performance and safety modeling. Dynamic compressor performance, curves, 3D Plots, automation support for eRCM Express, full map safety reviews, safe start up maps, and many other features. 1 file(s) 12849 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Support Software
eRCM™ Evaluator
The features of this software have been implemented directly within eRCM Pro. 1 file(s) 12158 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Legacy Software
eRCM™ Legacy
This software has been replaced by eRCM Pro™ Software. Please upgrade. 1 file(s) 11029 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Legacy Software
eRCM™ MultiServices™
eRCM Pro can create models with multiple unique, and even interconnected, services. Share theses with others who do not own eRCM Pro via this support program. Dynamic modeling of multiple services on a single compressor. 1 file(s) 12998 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Support Software
eRCM™ Points Report
The features of this software have been implemented directly within eRCM Pro. 1 file(s) 7284 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Legacy Software
eRCM™ Thermo
Calculating accurate compressor performance requires accurate thermodynamics. eRCM Thermo integrates ProSim’s Simulis Thermodynamics, allowing gas mixture modeling from nearly 400 individual gas components. 1 file(s) 10070 downloads
eRCM™ Unit Staging™
Models multiple compressors at one station together, including configurations of  compressors in both parallel and series modes of operations. 1 file(s) 12279 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Support Software
Legacy eRCM Express™ Manual
1 file(s) 5527 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Express
Mini Sizing Application
Software to size a compressor independent of OEM hardware. Quickly estimate frame and cylinder sizes needed to compress specified flow rates. 1 file(s) 7327 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Tools and Training Apps
MKT 1240 eRCM Express™
1 file(s) 5002 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Express
Monico mCore SDR Manual
Covers mCore product features not specific to eRCM Express. 1 file(s) 5896 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Express
P-V Card
Useful training software to show how various items affect a cylinder’s internal Pressure-Volume (P-V) diagram. Covers fixed and variable clearance pockets, end deactivators, HydroCOM/Infinite Step unloaders, and Gas Balanced Pockets. 1 file(s) 6790 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Tools and Training Apps
Troubleshooting Known Issues
1 file(s) 3633 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Express