eRCM™ Support Software

eRCM Pro™ provides unparalleled features for modeling reciprocating compressor performance. However, eRCM Pro™ is a commercial software package that requires purchase and registration. For others just needing unit performance, they can download and install eRCM™ Support Software (see below) at no cost, with no registration required.

ercm support software

Support Software Downloads

eRCM Pro™ Software
eRCM Pro™ is the industry standard, commercial software package for modeling reciprocating compressors. 1 file(s) 4283 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Support Software
eRCM Viewer™
Loads models created by eRCM Pro and allows users full access to compressor performance and safety modeling. Dynamic compressor performance, curves, 3D Plots, automation support for eRCM Express, full map safety reviews, safe start up maps, and many other features. 1 file(s) 12849 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Support Software
eRCM™ MultiServices™
eRCM Pro can create models with multiple unique, and even interconnected, services. Share theses with others who do not own eRCM Pro via this support program. Dynamic modeling of multiple services on a single compressor. 1 file(s) 12998 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Support Software
eRCM™ Unit Staging™
Models multiple compressors at one station together, including configurations of  compressors in both parallel and series modes of operations. 1 file(s) 12279 downloads
eRCM, eRCM Support Software