Texas Gas Transmission – Case 29

Company: Texas Gas Transmission
Case #: 29


The existing cylinders on large integral angle engines, were unable to meet the flow and pressure conditions associated with the available gas.

Customer's Need:

To meet the new conditions, the customer needed 15 inch diameter cylinders with a 1350 psi rating. Valving was to provide compression efficiencies associated with gas transmission requirements.

ACI's Solution:

ACI produced 15 inch diameter, nodular iron cylinders with a 1350 psi rating. Each cylinder had a total of 8, 10 1/8 inch diameter valves. Unloaders were placed over valves and in the front head. Segmented pistons utilizing a multi-stud to rod attachment and slip fit liners were incorporated in the design.


Multiple orders were received for identical cylinders over a period of years.

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