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Company: Spire Storage
Case #: 30


The existing compressors, (4) Worthington BDCcompressors, no longer supported by the OEM. Old pipeline plant moth-balled for many years. Purchased by Spire Storage with limited reciprocating compressor experience.

Customer's Need:

Multiple pipeline connections requiring a wide range of operating conditions. Aggressive project timeline after FERC approval.

ACI's Solution:

  • Provided complete design and project management
  • Modeled performance and developed a performance map to meet all conditions using ACI Simplex and Duplex Unloaders.
  • Designed new cylinder assemblies using existing forged cylinder bodies from the used market.
  • All new internals.
  • Refurbished compressor frames to as-new condition.
  • Refurbished 5500 HP electric motors.
  • New primary and secondary pulsation bottles
  • Pulsation and mechanical/torsional studies
  • Provided a “new unit warranty” and “comprehensive product support.”



Customer Remarks
“I highly recommend ACI Services to anyone in the market for professional and reliable compressor parts. Whether you need a specific compressor part or a custom plan, its great team will ensure you receive the best customer service and solution for your needs.”
-Darren Morris

Open PDF – Spire Energy Success Story

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