Company: PG & E
Case #: 24


The customer had an existing integral angle compressor engine with cylinders which no longer served the stations requirements.

Customer's Need:

The customer wished to re-cylinder the engines with appropriately sized cylinders and related capacity control equipment. The desire was to apply the ACI Services patented Four Poster Cylinder.

ACI's Solution:

The cylinders were offered with special valve pocket adapters that would permit the use of either ACI poppet valves or the valves associated with the old cylinders. The adapters were sized so that the cylinder fixed clearance would remain a constant value regardless of valves utilized. This was a customer request. The cylinders used in this application were the same as those on two different size engines. In each case, the cylinder is fitted with specific cylinder to crosshead guide adapters, piston lengths and piston rod sizes and lengths.


All mechanical and thermodynamic requirements were met.