Company: Mobil Oil
Case #: 23


Customer installation involved a number of integral angle engines. Flow requirements changed over time and further lacked sufficient capacity control equipment to meet expected variations in flow requirements.

Customer's Need:

The customer required eight replacement cylinders and capacity control equipment to responds to new flow requirements and the variations in flows expected.

ACI's Solution:

The production of eight, eight valve, ductile iron cylinders to satisfy the new flow conditions and capacity control equipment for both the new and existing cylinders which were not being replaced. Since the units were two staged with each stage discharging into their respective common headers, the location and operating sequence of capacity control equipment was especially critical. This fact had been overlooked by other potential suppliers. The order was obtained on the basis of price, delivery and the engineering detail.


The new cylinders and the total capacity control packages demonstrated the integrity of both the hardware and the engineering analysis.