Mississippi River Transmission – Case 28

Company: Mississippi River Transmission
Case #: 28


Existing cylinders attached to existing integral engines were unable to respond to the increased flow requirements of the system. The cylinders and engines were not manufactured by the same OEM.

Customer's Need:

The customer specifications dictated an approximate 32% increase in bore size in a new cylinder that provided maximum operating efficiency. In addition, the cylinder was to have external dimensions that permitted the use of the existing piping system, cylinder supports and foundation.

ACI's Solution:

It was readily apparent that a conventional cylinder design would never meet all of the requirements of the specification. The OEM, who supplied the engines, agreed and offered a conventional design that did not meet the specifications. The ACI offering was sufficiently unique that a patent was received on the new design. In addition to meeting all the specification requirements, the cylinders were offered at a lower price and a shorter delivery than that offered by the OEM. In this design, all valves were accessible from the top of the cylinder and the front and rear head, piston assembly, liner and packing case were accessible from the front of the cylinder.


Closed loop tests certified the efficiency of the cylinders. In the customers words, “This is the first job of this magnitude we’ve done that stayed within budget, got done on time and everything worked when it was installed. Nothing was missing and no parts were left over.” In addition, $1,500,000 was saved because of the re-use of the piping and cylinder supports and the absence of foundation changes. Subsequent to the supply of these 42 cylinders, other orders were received for four more identical cylinders and sixteen cylinders with slight modifications for another OEM’s engines. All cylinders delivered trouble free service.

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