Company: KN Energy
Case #: 21


Customer’s attempt to obtain gas transmission cylinders to re-cylinder existing engines met with no response from the OEM.

Customer's Need:

Customer required six gas transmission cylinders to re-cylinder three medium speed integral angle engines. The required delivery was eleven weeks – an extremely short time interval. A substantial amount of unloading and special performance curves along with complete manuals and parts lists and assembly drawings were required.

ACI's Solution:

ACI sized, designed, manufactured, tested, assembled and shipped all six cylinders within eleven weeks.  The final five were produced after the first body casting was machined and tested to assure dimensional compliance and validity of foundry techniques.  All cast components followed the same 3 procedures — a standard ACI practice.  All facets of the cylinder assembly design were in accordance with the ACI standards for gas transmission cylinders.


Subsequent to producing the group of six cylinders, two more orders were received for two cylinders each.  All cylinders operated trouble-free.

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