Company: GEECO
Case #: 19


A packager sold a packaged compressor unit for application in a hops processing plant. The process required a substantial volume of oil free CO2 gas.

Customer's Need:

Two stages of CO2 compression picking up suction at the first stage and discharging at second stage. Operation was to be without lubrication.

ACI's Solution:

ACI provided engineering drawings to permit the customer to manufacture the complete cylinder assemblies for both stages. Because of process requirements, the cylinders and other components in contact with the gas also stainless materials. The cylinders were assembled to a new OEM frame and packaged and delivered by ACI’s customer.


The start up suffered minor difficulties due to customer piping changes and the ingestion of solid material at the first stage suction. Additional problems were caused when unqualified valve plates were used to replace the original plates which were damaged by the ingested foreign material. After these start-up problems were resolved, the units operated in a flawless manner.

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