Company: GEECO
Case #: 20


The customer had purchased several five stage, single throw, 3000 psi air compressors from an OEM. These were skidded and incorporated with portable air separation plants. Mechanical problems with the compressors proved to be highly resistant to repair or modifications that would permit them to operate in a reliable manner.

Customer's Need:

Because of the air separation plants remote locations, reliability and ease of maintenance were essential characteristics of any new machines. They needed to be of an uncomplicated design and of a configuration that would be readily understood by service people with even average mechanical ability.

ACI's Solution:

ACI selected a five stage, two throw machine configuration. The frames were purchased from a major OEM. The first and third stages were coupled on one side of the frame and the second, fourth and fifth were coupled on the opposite side of the frame. While the fourth and second stage pistons, like the first and third stage pistons, were rigidly attached to each other, the fifth stage piston had a loose attachment to the second stage piston. This cylinder arrangement was a major departure from that utilized by the OEM whose machines we replaced. All stages featured non-metallic piston and rider rings, slip fit liners and fastener types and sizes which could be serviced with standard socket, box and open end wrenches. Pliers are not acceptable.


Our customer laughingly complained that he had one major problem with our cylinders —  no replacement parts sales! He admitted that it was a good feeling. After completion of the first unit, a second, smaller size machine was produced. Multiple units of each size machine were produced over the years.

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