Exxon Stillman – Case 17

Company: Exxon Stillman
Case #: 17


Customer’s well head pressure was declining and as a result oil flow rates also were declining.

Customer's Need:

Customer was recylindering an existing integral engine to provide the required high pressure natural gas to boost the oil field pressure. A suitable final stage high pressure, 10,000 psi cylinder was not available on the used equipment market and the customer rejected new cylinder offerings which featured a tail rod design.

ACI's Solution:

ACI offered a single acting design which operated only on the crank end. Suction gas pressure was maintained on the head end and thereby assured piston pin bushing load reversal. A unique piston rod and rod nut design provide cylinder end clearance adjustment that will permit the last stage cylinder respond properly to changes in previous stage unloading. The design and manufacturing details were developed in conjunction with the customers engineering personnel.