Company: Exxon Florey
Case #: 18


Customer had large volumes of a gas mixture, which was primarily comprised of carbon dioxide, available for use elsewhere in their system. The gas was to be delivered at a pressure of 1580 psi.

Customer's Need:

An existing Worthington motor driven frame and cylinders that was available in the customers facilities appeared to be a candidate for the new application. In addition to determining the suitability of the unit for the new application, the customer wanted to determine the cost of the revamp and the practicality of the new hardware.

ACI's Solution:

The first stage cylinder proved to be the controlling factor in determining the suitability of unit for the new application. The first stage bore was substantially larger than required by the new specifications. Given the fact that the existing bore was in good condition, it was decided to use a heavy wall liner to create the required new bore size. The new liner featured a clearance fit with the old bore and was held in place with a unique spring arrangement. An equally unique seal system permitted the use of the existing lube oil porting in the old liner to deliver lubricating oil to the new bore. A new piston assembly was created for the new bore along with appropriate unloading to assure that interstage pressures met the new computer generated performance.


The designs were produced in a manner that allowed the conversion to be accomplished in the field without the need of re-machining or special tools. The start up was smooth and the performance matched the predicted values. The project cost was well within the customers budget.