Company: Exxon Benicia
Case #: 15


Customer experienced a crack in a cylinder in hydrogen service. Loss of the cylinder would curtail plants production of gasoline. OEM replacement cylinder delivery time was unacceptable.

Customer's Need:

A replacement cylinder on a temporary or permanent basis was needed to serve as a backup until an OEM cylinder became available.

ACI's Solution:

With no duplicate cylinder on the used equipment market, ACI selected a used cylinder produced by the same OEM that did not include API-618 features. ACI modified the cylinder to meet all API-618 requirements. The modified cylinder is a functional equivalent of the cracked cylinder even though the individual components are not interchangeable. The ACI cylinder matched flange connections and crosshead attachments. The cylinder was supplied in a shorter time and a lower price than that of a new OEM replacement cylinder.


The ACI cylinder provided the needed back-up to avoid an untimely shut down due to an OEM cylinder failure. The ACI cylinder, if it was needed, did not compromise the customer’s specifications and safety requirements.