Exxon Baton Rouge – Case 16

Company: Exxon Baton Rouge
Case #: 16


The piston in the customers first stage hydrogen service experienced excessive wear and in some cases structural failures. Designs by other aftermarket suppliers provided no improvements.

Customer's Need:

Customer asked for a design with infinite structural life and wear life that would permit a minimum of two years wear life of piston rings and rider rings. An improvement in wear resistance of the rod was also required.

ACI's Solution:

The ACI piston design incorporates a combination of steel and aluminum to meet the needs of weight control and wear resistance. Piston rider rings are of the heavy section, rubber band style. When installed, they are virtually an integral part of the piston component onto which they are assembled. Piston rings are of a heavy cross section and angle cut snap ring design. Rider and piston rings are of non-metallic materials. Piston rods feature a wear resistant coating. Piston to rod attachment is of the multi-stud design that simplifies piston assembly and disassembly.


Recent discussions with the customer indicate that the experience to date predicts a six year life of wear components. Structural integrity is unchallenged.