Company: Du Pont
Case #: 14


Customer’s existing cylinders were constantly under attack from the extremely corrosive nature of the gas being compressed. Cylinder life norm was 3 to 5 years. OEM offered no assistance in resolving the problem and customer attempted to produce replacement cylinders of the same geometry in a ni-resist material.  The cylinder geometry and jacketed design were not compatible with ni-resist foundry practices and requirements.

Customer's Need:

The customer required a functionally equivalent cylinder design that would directly replace the existing cylinder to the extent that all other parts of the assembly could be used with the replacement body.

ACI's Solution:

ACI modified the exterior of the cylinder body to simplify and enhance foundry procedures. Core support and clean out and pattern orientation in the mold resulted in sound castings when produced in a 300 series stainless. The new design improved and simplified inspection techniques and improved the ability to make weld repairs. Ultimately ACI produced other cylinder components, exposed to the compression medium, in stainless materials.


The change from cast iron to stainless steel resolved the corrosion problems and eliminated the need for periodic inspections that cast iron cylinders required to avoid dangerous failures. The units have become more productive and maintenance costs have been reduced. This type of conversion has been applied to many cylinder sizes and geometries.

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