Company: Dow Chemical
Case #: 12


Customer had the need to compress large volumes of a hydrogen and methane gas mixture. Because of the range of operating conditions, capacity control equipment would be a major factor in the machines performance.

Customer's Need:

Two stage motor driven compressor units to satisfy customer specifications.

ACI's Solution:

ACI utilized two throw, seven inch stroke compressor frames supplied by the Superior Division of CES and attached custom engineered cylinders of a valve in head design which resulted in low fixed clearance and good gas flow to the valves. The head to body seal was of a unique design that eliminated flat fiber gaskets. The seal design provided a total seal against the hydrogen rich gas and assured that pressure testing with helium would be no problem. Slip fit liners, custom designed pistons that facilitated assembly of rider rings, multi-stud rod to piston attachment are among some of features incorporated in the cylinder design to facilitate service if and when required. In addition to multiple fixed volume unloader pockets, the front head was supplied with a unique actuator device that provided control for both a fixed volume pocket and a bypass system that deactivated the head end of the cylinder when energized.

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