Consumers Power – Case 5

Company: Consumers Power
Case #: 5


Customer owned four throw nine inch stroke, DeLaval units previously in a natural gas BTU stabilization service were to be re-cylindered for natural gas injection/withdrawal service.

Customer's Need:

The availability of existing low pressure wells created a natural storage cavity for a natural gas storage/withdrawal operation. In order to take advantage of this facility, very versatile and flexible compressor equipment would be required.

ACI's Solution:

New custom designed cylinders were created for the application. The range of operating conditions was such that, in addition to double acting operation, single acting operation would be required.  In addition, fixed volume bottles over valves were required. The single acting capability was facilitated through special porting in the body and front head which, with the application of a large plug valve in the front head, permitted the connection of the head end compression chamber with the suction gas passage. The result was the ability to provide the required flows in both operating modes with small unloading steps without exceeding rod loads. ACI supplied crossheads to replace those which were required to duplicate the majority of those used in the previous application.


The OEM was going to apply some non DeLaval cylinders which provided no single acting capability. The OEM would not provide new crossheads which meant that not all compressors would have the same weight. A built in service problem. Without single acting capability, performance would be compromised.

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