CNG Oscar Nelson – Case 10

Company: CNG Oscar Nelson
Case #: 10


Customer had a need for an increase in capacity at a station whose future was uncertain. Management was contemplating the removal of the station from service in the years ahead. The existing cylinders were at the maximum size offered by the OEM. The OEM’s solution required the use of the next larger class of cylinder. This approach would necessitate piping and pulsation vessel changes and perhaps an analog study.

Customer's Need:

A low cost solution to the need and one that maintained the existing piping.

ACI's Solution:

Working with the customer, a design was developed that safely overcame the limitations of the existing cylinders and permitted the creation of a bore size beyond that established by the OEM as a limiting size. The new design made the use of rider rings a possibility and a special piston nut permitted the use of the existing piston rod. The original valving was maintained and the installation time and cost was minimal.


Now, almost 20 years later, the cylinders are still in operation and the customer is considering more conversions. Customer ordered four additional cylinder conversions (along with other unloading changes) to maintain their commitment to improving station performance.

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