Company: CNG Lightburn
Case #: 7


Customer required the reapplication of large horsepower integral engines and compressors. The range of ratios required a reduction of existing fixed clearance.

Customer's Need:

The customer was on a tight budget and required reuse of as much hardware as possible.

ACI's Solution:

ACI reconfigured front and rear heads and liner ports to reduce fixed clearance. Valves were redesigned to maximize lift area and minimize fixed clearance. A multiplicity of fixed volume unloaders provided the flexibility necessary to meet the wide range of compression ratios associated with the new application. Novel piston designs permitted the use of existing rods while providing piston to rod attachment features which result in reduced torque values for assembly.


The revamped units provided the required performance. The OEM approach would not have matched that provided by ACI. In addition, the customer would have been saddled with the archaic piston to rod attachment features associated with OEM design.

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