Company: CNG Cornwell
Case #: 9


Customer was operating integral angle compressor units that were experiencing excessive valve losses.

Customer's Need:

Replacement cylinders with larger valves and with more modern design concepts and resulting in simplified maintenance features.

ACI's Solution:

ACI remanufactured customer selected used cylinders to replace the existing inefficient cylinders. Some of the used cylinders proved to be defective and new ones were no longer available from the OEM. ACI produced new functional equivalents to satisfy the customers needs. Both remanufactured and new cylinders were provided with appropriate capacity control equipment and remanufactured valving. New piston assemblies feature TFE rider rings and piston rings. Packing cases were reworked as were rods, where possible, and new rods supplied as required.


After more than ten years of service, the cylinders continue to provide the customer with satisfactory and efficient service.

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