Company: AEDC
Case #: 3


OEM high stage cylinders failing on a consistent basis.

Customer's Need:

New cylinder design to eliminate failures and maintain major piping connection locations.

ACI's Solution:

New cylinder geometry eliminated the stress concentration factors associated with the OEM design. Design simplified service function and extended valve life. The ACI designed cylinders were less expensive — so much so that the OEM refused to submit a quote.


New cylinder has run for over 18 years. Original designed cylinders were only for the 5th stage. Customer came back to have 4thstage cylinders redesigned in same fashion as 5th stage cylinders. Later, they wanted to have 3rd stage done also. However, due to the tandem arrangement, this was not possible. So, ACI designed a semi-four valve arrangement that simplified valve maintenance and eliminated the personnel hazard associated with the OEM’s design. Again, the OEM declined to offer a bid on these cylinders.