eRCM™ Thermo

Gas Stream Modeling with ProSim Thermodynamics

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Calculating accurate compressor performance requires accurate thermodynamics. eRCM Thermo integrates ProSim’s Simulis Thermodynamics, allowing gas mixture modeling from nearly 400 individual gas components.



Once a gas/gas mixture is entered, eRCM Thermo dynamically calculates:

  • Gas K (via CP/CV),
  • Gas K (via balanced entropy),
  • Compressibility (Z) factors,
  • Specific Gravity and Density,
  • Water Saturation,
  • Hydrocarbon Liquid Dropouts,
  • Phase envelope curves,
  • Water drop out curves,
  • Hydrate formation curves,
  • Gas Mixing (e.g. from a side stream in),
  • Speed of sound through gas,
  • Variety of Units,
  • And more, like Enthalpy and Entropy.


View Dwayne Hickman discussing the eRCM Thermodynamics for Compression: 


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