ACI Patents

ACI Patents

Accu-Guide™ (Patents 4,489,752 and 4,228,820)
Abstract (4,489,752): A multi-element poppet valve for use with high pressure gas compressors wherein the overhang of the poppet element head has been substantially eliminated to strengthen the poppet element. The stem of the poppet element is aerodynamically configured in an outer convex wall surface which flares smoothly outwardly from the bottom of the stem to the beginning of the head portion. The head portion has a bell-shaped top which flares outwardly in a concave surface to the edge of the poppet element. The poppet element is restrained for reciprocating movement by a guide insert fixed to the bottom of the guard element stem. Elimination of the over-hanging poppet head minimizes turbulence and reduces the possibility of breakage under high differential pressure conditions.

Abstract (4,228,820): A set guided popper valve for fluid compressors and the like having improved flow directing characteristics provided by a popper element having integral flutes surrounded by a shroud and variable dampening provided by adjustable seals or dashpots. The dashpots may reciprocate with the poppet element or be constrained within the guard. A seat seal is established by conventional abutment of the poppet element head surface with the seat outlet port seating surface, or by eliminating that portion of the poppet element head overhanging the seat outlet port so that the circumferential surface of the head makes a sliding seal with the inner surface of the seat bore. Additional sealing may be provided by a resilient ring entrained with a grooved inscribed in the circumferential surface of the poppet element head, or by constructing the circumferential surface of a resilient material which deforms as the head enters the seat bore. Lift washers are provided to control the amount of valve lift.

ExactoTorque™ (Patent 4,338,037)
Abstract (4,338,037): A piston rod to crosshead mounting for use in reciprocating compressors having a crosshead nut bearing a plurality of diametrically opposed threaded jackscrews each having a bearing pad cooperating with the adjacent crosshead mounting boss face. The bearing pads are swivelably mounted to the jackscrew to permit the bearing pad to adjust to any out-of-squareness of the crosshead mounting surface. The construction permits the bearing pads to operate independent of each other while applying full preload to the piston rod.

Four Poster™ (Patent 4,661,050)
Abstract (4,661,050): A high pressure gas transmission compressor having valve chambers incorporating valves located in common valve pockets where the center lines of the valve chambers are non-intersecting with the compressor cylinder. In a first embodiment, the valve housings are vertically positioned at each end of the cylinder such that the valve chambers are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the cylinder with the ends of the chambers extending on either side of the cylinder. Each valve chamber contains discharge and suction valves, with the outlets of the discharge valves being joined to the discharge port of the compressor by a semi-cylinder like annular discharge cavity spaced from and partially surrounding a portion of the cylinder. The inlets of the suction valves are joined to the suction port by a similar semi-cylinder like annular cavity. In other embodiments, the compressor includes four valve housings spaced about 90° apart and positioned such that the valve chambers are substantially parallel to the cylinder. In one embodiment, the valve chambers include mixed suction and discharge valves. In another embodiment, each valve chamber contains only suction or discharge valves. The discharge and suction valves are connected as a unit or as subassemblies to permit their withdrawal through one end of the valve chamber to facilitate repair or replacement.

Radial Valves
Radial valve with unloader assembly for gas compressor [GAS Radial™]; US Pat. 5331998; 1993

Radial suction valve for a compressor; US Pat. Appl. 11/102,637; 2008

Unloader Systems
Synchronized unloader system and method for a gas compressor; US Pat. 5695325; 1995

Variable Volume Clearance Devices
Variable clearance system for reciprocating compressors; US Pat. 6361288; 2000

Variable clearance system for reciprocating compressors; US Pat. 6607366; 2002

Variable volume clearance pocket for a reciprocating compressor cylinder [ACI AutoPocket™]; US Pat. Appl. 12/540,677; 2008

Engineering Innovation
Compact modular method and apparatus for liquefying natural gas; US Pat. Appl. 11/388,087; [CMLP™ rights held by affiliate company Cambridge Cryogenic Technologies LLC]; 2006 – patent allowed 10/20/2009

Constant torque unloader system for a compressor; US Pat. Appl. 11/861,702; 2007

Branching device for a (compressor) pulsation attenuation network [ACI PulseBuster TST™]; US Pat. Appl. 12/239,379; 2007