ACI Patents

Compressor Cylinders & Components

  • High pressure gas transmission compressor [ACI Four-PosterTM]; US Pat. 4,661,050.
  • Multiple jackscrew (compressor) rod to crosshead mounting [ACI ExactoTorqueTM]; US Pat. 4,338,037.

 Compressor Valves

  • Guard guided multiple element flow configured (compressor) poppet valve [Accu-Guide™]; US Pat. 4,489,752 and U.S. Pat. 4,228,820.
  • Radial valve with unloader assembly for gas compressor [ACI Radial™]; US Pat. 5,331,998.
  • Radial suction valve for a compressor; US Pat. 8,118,574.

Variable Clearance and Other Unloader Systems

  • Synchronized unloader system and method for a gas compressor; US Pat. 5,695,325.
  • Variable clearance system for reciprocating compressors [ACI Gas PocketTM]; US Pat. 6,361,288 and US Pat. 6,607,366.
  • Variable volume clearance pocket for a reciprocating compressor cylinder [ACI AutoPocket™]; US Pat. 8,430,646 and Canadian Pat. 2,675,402.
  • Constant torque unloader system for a compressor [ACI InStepTM Unloader]; US Pat. 7,959,420.
  • Improved valve poppets and valve seats for high-speed reciprocating compressor capacity unloaders [ACI HS Gas PocketTM]; US Pat. Appl. 17/235,167.

 Efficient Pulsation Control

  • Branching device for a (compressor) pulsation attenuation network [ACI PulseBuster TST™]; US Pat. 10,174,875.
  • Dynamic variable orifice for compressor pulsation control [ACI DVOTM]; US Pat. 9,909,577, US Pat. 10,487,812 and Canadian Pat. 2,870,694.

 Other Engineering Innovation

Compact modular method and apparatus for liquefying natural gas [CMLPTM]; US Pat. 7,673,476. CMLP™ rights held by affiliate company Cambridge Cryogenic Technologies LLC.

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