Training Is a Journey

Training is a Journey

Training should not be the mindset of “one and done.” Training is a journey and you have to decide the path of your journey. It is easy to sit back and let the information be presented to you, but I am sure if you do, you will be very disappointed.

After taking a hiatus from the compression industry in 2002-2004, I joined ACI Services and attended the Ariel Basic course alongside Norm Shade whom by the way at the time was a 30 plus year veteran of the industry. I can tell you both Norm and I walked away from that course with new insights on Ariel products. With our years of experience we could have easily not have attended, but we are both humble enough to recognize there is value in attending and seeking out more information to help us grow professionally.

Today, I am a twenty year veteran of the reciprocating compressor industry and I can honestly say I learn something new every day. Just last week, I had a crash course in Vortex Shedding. Now I have you wondering, what is Vortex Shedding. I will let you Google that one.

At ACI, a core focus for us is Compression Theory and Compressor Performance. We have spent decades refining our capability and have become recognized in the industry as experts with reference to Reciprocating Compressor Performance and Performance Control. This is why ACI Services has embarked on providing free training centered on these very topics

The classes use our eRCM software and suite of products as the hub for the discussion, but it is not a software class. It is a Reciprocating Compressor Performance and Performance Control class and a class full of your peers wanting to grow professionally.

I challenge you to attend and to learn something new that day.