Replacement piston and rod assemblies

Replacement piston and rod assemblies

Compressor components do an enormous amount of work. Over time, they accumulate wear that can degrade compressor performance and if left unchecked, can compromise safety. To address this, ACI Services offers a complete line of replacement piston and rod options for reciprocating compressors.
ACI-engineered components meet all OEM specifications. Our components also offer design enhancements that simplify maintenance, extend component and system life and improve safety.

<H2>Replacement piston and rod assemblies can be upgraded</H2>

When replacing worn components, you can substitute an identical, unworn component for one that has reached the end of its useful life. In doing so, you can resolve the immediate performance and safety issues that result from operation and wear. A better approach may be to replace the original component with one whose design has been enhanced to eliminate shortcomings in the original design.

Among our alternative piston and rod designs, ACI’s enhancements offer improved and simplified maintenance procedures, cost savings, improved accuracy and improved stability. Our enhanced replacement piston and rod designs can help conserve energy, extend component and unit lifetime and reduce the total lifetime operating and maintenance costs without compromising compressor reliability or safety.

Our segmental piston and flanged piston rods offer an improved maintenance process, by allowing you to remove individual piston segments and seal elements without also removing the rod. Our multi-piece piston and flanged piston rod design permits you to remove the entire piston assembly from the cylinder while keeping the rod and the piston end clearances intact.

Our replacement piston and rod designs facilitate the easy removal and replacement of rider rings, and our rider rings are enhanced to provide greater stability. Multiple studs allow you to distribute forces among piston components, achieving better torques on piston segments and rod flanges.

Our alternative replacement piston and rod designs also allow you to remove or replace only the parts that are worn and to reuse parts that are still mechanically sound. This approach reduces your total lifetime cost of ownership.

If you would like more information about our replacement piston and rod options, or to see how our solutions can simplify your maintenance processes and reduce your lifetime compressor ownership and maintenance costs, please visit <a target=new href=””>replacement piston and rod page</a>.


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