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Cylinder Hardware
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Radial Valve Paper
Paper discussing efficiency of Radial Poppet Valves. Presented at the 2009 GMC. Authors: Lauren Sperry, Norm Shade (ACI)

Unloading Hardware
MultiPocket Clearance Pockets

Unloading Methodologies.pptx
Short Course presented during the 2012 GMC discussing suggested Unloading Methodologies. Authors: Joe Fernandez (Ariel Corporation), Kelly Eberle (Beta Machinery), Dwayne A. Hickman (ACI)
Reciprocating Compressor Performance Predictions Paper
Automation paper that was presented at the GMC 2003 in Salt Lake City, Utah in Oct 2003. Authors: Dwayne A. Hickman (ACI) and Roy Milum (Siemens)
Capacity Control Device Comparisons Paper
ACI paper presented at the 20016 GMC. Authors: Norm Shade, Chad Brahler, and Dwayne A. Hickman.
Development, Field Testing and Implementation of Automated Hydraulically Controlled, Variable Volume Loading Systems for Reciprocating Compressors Paper
Paper which was presented at the IPC2002 in Calgary, Canada in Sept-Oct 2002. Author: Dwayne A. Hickman (ACI), John Slupsky, Bruce Chrisman (Cooper), Tom Hurley (Cooper).
Pulsation Control

Evaluation of a Dynamic Variable Orifice for Reciprocating Compressor Pulsation Control Paper

This paper presented during the 2014 GMC introduces a new technology, a dynamic variable orifice (DVO), for controlling pulsations and pulsation induced unbalanced forces in reciprocating compressor systems. Authors: Norm Shade (ACI), Tyler Clark (ACI), Jared Adair (Tech Transfer, Inc.)
Specialty Tools
Industry Tech Data
Savings Spreadsheet.xls
Excel spreadsheet for reviewing economic justification for changes to
compressor configurations, efficiencies, and unloading abilities.

Determining System Flow Coefficient.XLS
Excel spreadsheet for determining the System Flow Coefficient required to close or open unloaders in 1 to 2 seconds.

Data Input Sheet
Details data required to model a compressor in eRCM.

Data Input Sheet.doc

Reducing Methane Rod Packing
United States Environmental Protection Agency#EPA430-B-03-011

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