Software Solutions from ACI

ACI’s software programs are designed for PC running Windows® 7/8/10 and 11 operating systems.

eRCM PRoducts Screenshot

eRCM Viewer™

Dynamic compressor performance, curves, 3D Plots, automation support for eRCM Express, full map safety reviews, safe start up maps, and many other features.

eRCM MultiServices™

Dynamic modeling of multiple services on a single compressor.

Mini Sizing Application

Software to size a compressor independent of OEM hardware. Quickly estimate frame and cylinder sizes needed to compress specified flow rates.

eRCM Unit Staging™

Models multiple compressor and station performance, configure compressors to operate in parallel or in series modes.

P-V Card

Useful training software to show how various items affect a cylinder’s internal Pressure-Volume (P-V) diagram.
Covers fixed and variable clearance pockets, end deactivators, HydroCOM/Infinite Step unloaders, and Gas Balanced Pockets.