Software Solutions from ACI

New versions based on Microsoft’s .NET Framework.

Uninstall older versions of desired software before installing .NET versions.

New versions load in newer and older files, allow for international units, and are designed for Windows 7/8/10.

eRCM Viewer™

Dynamic compressor performance, points and curves. Now with 3D Plots!

eRCM Points Report™

Generate concise reports based on comparing multiple units or arrangements at multiple points.

eRCM MultiServices™

Dynamic modeling of multiple services.

eRCM Evaluator™

Compare multiple compressors and/or load sequences to determine best overall solution.

Mini Sizing Application

Windows software to size a compressor.

eRCM Unit Staging™

Determine station abilities by simulating sets of units compressing into other sets of units.

P-V Card

P-V Card Training Software as shown at the GMC and EGCR short courses.

Excel Spreadsheet Staging Calculator

Quickly determine where your units need to run in single stage, two-stage, or three-stage mode.

eRCM DataTuner™

Power tools for tuning your single, two and three stage compressor models to measured data. Ideal for tuning PLC predictions. Note: Next major release of eRCM (4Q2013) will have these data tuners built-in instead of separate programs. These will be obsolete at that time.

eRCM Express™

Powered by eRCM™ Modeling Software

  • Empowers UCP with dynamic speed and pressure safety limits
  • Predicts safe performance across unit’s full operating map
  • Calculates full rod loads and pin reversals per throw
  • Simple — just power and Ethernet cables
  • Provides OEM-compatible modeling
  • Improves capacity and reduces costs
  • Models single and multi-stage units

ecrm cutoutRemove operating map constraints from your reciprocating compressor. Allow it to achieve its full performance.

eRCM Express™ is an industrial computer that powers proven eRCM™ reciprocating compressor modeling technology and communications firmware.
Packaged in a NEMA 4 enclosure (12”x16”x9”), it hosts the ACI Certified, customer-approved eRCM Viewer™ file. Mountable on the side of an existing (or new) unit control panel (UCP), the enclosure has two (2) armored cables exiting from the bottom. Both cables terminate inside the UCP: one on its 24 VDC power termination strip, and the other plugs into the UCP Controller industrial Ethernet port (ModBus/TCP Master).

eRCM Express™ operationally becomes a trusted UCP coprocessor. It receives real-time unit operating point data inputs from the UCP including the unit’s Current Load Step setting. In response, it returns eRCM™ based compressor performance and safety advisor (CPASA) outputs that are critical to the UCP’s sequential and regulatory control, and to safety shut down (C&SD) logic.
CPASA outputs identify the safety and availability of Next Load Step (LS) Up, Next LS Down, and Ideal LS. Those settings are used by C&SD logic to safely optimize overall compressor performance. Other CPASA outputs identify safe min/max speed and suction pressure limits — used by C&SD logic to safely regulate capacity according to nomination targets. Additional CPASA outputs predict OEM-compatible rod load and crosshead pin reversal states — used by C&SD Logic to protect the unit from catastrophic failure.