Free eRCM Training at Hi-Tech

Free eRCM Training at Hi-Tech

With historic Bedford, Pennsylvania as the backdrop, team members from ACI and Hi-Tech recently met to present new capabilities, processes and products.  This event is part of an ongoing, larger focus on our strategic partners as part of ACI’s sales plan.

Chad Brahler, President of ACI Services stated, “These meetings allow us to determine synergies between our organizations so that we can deliver better value.  After this meeting, we have come away with an action plan to bolster our combined strengths to present a more effective
offering to our customers.”

Afterwards, ACI and Hi-Tech met at a local bowling alley for some friendly competition.  Competition was fierce, but luckily that was located on the lane next to our group as one young local put on a master class of bowling while we struggled to “break one hundred’.  In the end, Team ACI prevailed and Hi-Tech was forced to accept the not-so-coveted 2nd Place toilet bowl Trophy for another year.
Todd Pollazzi, president of Hi-Tech said, “It was great being with the ACI team again, not so great for us having to walk into the shop with the 2nd place toilet bowl trophy again though!  It was interesting hearing about the new PAN technology and we are eager to work together such that we can all improve going forward.”

Hi-Tech is graciously hosting our free eRCM Training on June 8, 2017 in conjunction with their open-house. During this dual event you have an insight into their machining capacity and shop capacity, speak with expert engineers and knowledgeable sales representatives. We encourage you to take this unique opportunity of learning at their office with industry peers at their office located at 1113 Branagan Drive, Tullytown, Pennsylvania.

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