eRCM™ Modeling Software

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Creating accurate, tunable compressor models can be challenging. Moreover, end user models need to reflect the safety specifications of the equipment manufacturer. And, those models need to be used not only by Engineers, but also by Operators, Automation & Controls, Gas Control, Data Analytics, and Management.
ACI’s eRCM Technology is designed to provide end users with the power, flexibility, and accuracy they require. This technology is the core of many ACI products, many OEM software packages, and is used by other commercial products to provide end users with unparalleled abilities and interoperative options.

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Option Description

OEM Software

OEM Performance software from Ariel, Cooper Machinery Services, Siemen Energy, LeROI, Arrow Engine, and others support exporting modeling files directly to ACI eRCM Pro Software, which models OEM equipment according to how each OEM expects their equipment to be protected.

Custom In-house Software

ACI develops software for major OEMs and for major Energy Companies.

eRCM Web Services

Big Data systems like OSI PI provide amazing analytics. The eRCM kernel can run as web services and interact with Big Data servers. This augments the system by putting compressor modeling abilities right at your Data Analyst’s fingertips.

Pipeline Simulation Software

Synergi Gas provides extensive abilities to create hydraulic simulation models of your entire pipeline, from wellheads to storage. Synergi Gas can load in tuned eRCM models, giving your Gas Control team accurate models when simulating the entire pipeline system.

eRCM Express

The real power of a compressor model is to help keep the unit running safe and effective. Thus, an Edge Computing device is required to model units exactly, not close but exactly, like they are modeled on high-end desktop PC. The eRCM Express unit can do just this.

Portable Analyzers

Data from OEM models are required to create an accurate representation of the unit in the analyzer. Then, data collected and adjusted via the analyzer can be used to tune a theoretical model to predict powers, flows, and stresses closer to what are actually being measured. Integrating eRCM technologies into analyzers helps better solidify their relationship and provide for smooth and accurate data exchanges.

ACI Compressor Hardware

Models can not only be used to predict performance of existing hardware, but they can be used to predict What-If situations from proposed hardware changes. Using eRCM models can help end user best identify what changes best meet their needs regarding performance and budgets.

eRCM Pro Software

The main commercial modeling software. This is the powerhouse product that is the key component to all other items. With eRCM Pro, modeling of reciprocating compressors can not only be easy, but can also be fun.

eRCM Support Software

Free support software that can be used to expand modeling from a single unit to a station full of units, from a single compression service to multiple compression services on the same frame, and more. Free software includes generic sizing software and training software to better understand how unloading devices affect compressors via changes to Pressure-Volume diagrams.