Compressor performance curves made easy

Compressor performance curves made easy

Modeling compressor performance curves can be complicated. That’s why ACI Services, Inc., offers its free, downloadable eRCM Viewer modeling software, available for Windows-based PCs. The software operates on the Windows .NET Framework. PCs running newer Windows implementations (Vista, 7, 8, 10, etc.) are supported. Windows XT is no longer supported.

eRCM offers 3-D compressor performance modeling

The eRCM Viewer software allows you to specify a compressor’s geometry, either by directly entering data about the compressor’s frame, cylinder, stage, throw and valving, or by looking up your compressor’s specifications in our OEM database. eRCM Viewer will use the data to create 3-dimensional plots of compressor performance, points and curves.

The benefits of the software are numerous, but eRCM will tell you instantly how a proposed change will affect your operating conditions. The software provides detailed information on individual stages, throws and cylinder ends. eRCM will also provide PLC control algorithms to ensure that your controllers actually duplicate the eRCM-predicted unit performance!

You can also use the software to model techniques to tune existing compressor performance and achieve incremental improvements while accounting for real-world conditions like pulsation and various losses. eRCM Viewer allows you to change operating conditions dynamically and see the impact on compressor performance immediately.

eRCM Software also supports a number of related free apps to help you better understand, evaluate, configure and tune compressor system performance.

eRCM Points Report will provide reporting data on multiple points, or systems at multiple points.

eRCM Multiple Services provides dynamic modeling for multiple services.

eRCM Evaluator allows users to compare different compressors and/or load sequences to determine which option(s) provide the best performance in a given circumstance.

Having trouble sizing a compressor for a particular application? Our Mini Sizing app can help!

The eRCM NIST Gases app provides advanced gas modeling using National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) references.

The eRCM Unit Staging app simulates system compression for staged units, and our Excel-based Staging Spreadsheet can help you determine when your situation requires single-stage, two-stage or three-stage compression.

If you’d like more information about eRCM Viewer or our other available free, downloadable compressor modeling and tuning software, please visit our eRCM page.