Compressor Connection Offers Unique Services to the Compressor Market

Compressor Connection Offers Unique Services to the Compressor Market

ACI Services, Inc., is well known in the industry for providing unique new-equipment solutions to the compression industry.

ACI Services also offers a complete line of used-equipment services to support a wide range of maintenance and retooling needs. Compressor Connection, can assist in location, disposals and repurposing of used compressor equipment.

Compressor Connection maintains a large inventory of compressor components from major manufacturers, including stock cylinders, engines, frames and packages, as well as individual parts for all major compressor manufacturers. Our experienced compressor professionals inspect, clean and refurbish every part prior to sale.

We also offer complete compressor system removal and disposal services. With compressor systems, end-of-service doesn’t always mean end-of-life. We can manage the end-of-life process for used compressor equipment from start to finish. We assess, inspect, refurbish and sell equipment that still has residual value and dispose of equipment and components that are truly end-of-life. This approach allows you to recover more of a compressor system’s true residual value.

The engineering professionals at Compressor Connection also offer a range of services that enable our clients to refurbish or repurpose existing compression equipment. Re-cylindering existing equipment is an excellent way to update facilities, increase efficiency and reduce costs.  We can also design and manufacture customized cylinders for any compressor system or application for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new equipment. The re-cylindering process can offer substantial savings over compressor system replacement, improve ROI on existing systems, and can reduce compressor system lifetime operating costs.

Compressor Connection provides industry-specific engineering experience to deliver compression services that fit your needs. We’re a trusted source of tested, high-quality used parts, and can assist with compressor system removals and rebuilds. If you would like more information about refurbished equipment and re-engineering services, please contact us at Compressor Connection.