Compressor Components


11101130ACI offers a complete line of proprietary designed compressor valves. Valve type and internals are selected to provide optimized service and performance under varied operating conditions. Compressor valving is a science in itself and requires more detail than the below general outline provides.


1053A large number of rod failures are the result of inaccurate pre-stressing. ACI’s ExactoTorque is the patented solution. It can be used for a wide variety of mounting and industrial attachments (flange bolting, foundation bolting, etc.), especially where precise alignment and space restrictions are a concern.

Compressor Pistons and Rods

1045Replacement pistons and rods are available in numerous sizes, configurations and materials. Replacement components can generally be categorized as replications or performance enhanced. Replicated components simply clone the original design, thus offering no design upgrade. Performance enhanced components provide redesigned concepts that optimize maintenance ease, service life and safety.

Cylinder Liners

1063ACI Services, Inc. supplies one of the most complete liner inventories available on the market.

Gas Poppets and Springs™

1120ACI Services, Inc. manufactures replacement poppets for most poppet valves. These carry a full money back satisfaction guarantee and are usually shipped on the day your order is placed. Custom colors of nylon poppets are available in quantities of 1000 or greater with typical deliveries of 30 days.

Replacement Oil Dippers

1072Replacement oil dippers provide a robust replacement and upgraded alternative for old-style splash lubricated compressors and engines.

Packing Leakage Monitor

1070ACI’s Packing Leakage Monitor allows for monitoring and quantifying of fugitive emissions from reciprocating compressor packing systems.

Scavenging Valves

1150Improving the scavenging valves of your Worthington®, Clark® , Ajax® and Cooper-Bessemer® integral engines can help reduce fuel costs, emissions, operating costs, and possibly even inventories.

Additional ACI EnviroLine® products currently under development.

Comparison of Poppet Valve Typesclick here

Each of the four main types of poppet valves is suited to a particular application scenario.