Bore Wear

Reciprocating Compressor Bore Wear

Many unlined reciprocating compressor cylinders experience running bore wear. In particular, forged steel cylinders may experience significant wear in the running bore.

This wear (typically manifests as out-of-roundness) will cause rapid deterioration of piston components and makes the system inefficient. Often times, the cylinder body can be machined to accept an interference fit type liner. In doing so, many engineering, machining and testing steps need to be completed to ensure the provided solution is sound and meets all industry expected standards. Steps such as stress analysis and hydrotesting.

ACI’s liner design and installation process incorporates features that account for heat expansion and stress reduction that are not found in our competitor’s liner designs. ACI’s design and installation methodology has been vetted by Ariel as well as many other OEMs and end user’s.

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Machined liner

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