ACI Products

Custom Compressor Cylinders

ACI is a leader in custom cylinder design and manufacture including the use of stainless and other exotic materials. Look to ACI to deliver functional equivalents of OEM cylinders and to develop innovative new designs using new technologies.

  • Custom Designs
  • OEM Replacements
  • Four-Poster™ Designs
  • Valve-in-Head Replacement Designs
  • Repairs and Reconditioning
  • Use of Specialty Materials

Compressor Components

Segmental and multi-piece pistons; wet, dry, and slip-fit liners; ExactoTorque™ locknut; proprietary and OEM equivalent replacement valves; and new plate and poppet valves.

  • ExactoTorque™ Rod Tool
  • Compressor Valves
  • Pistons and Rods
  • Cylinder Liners
  • Poppets and Springs™

Bring new life to older compressors with ACI EnviroLine® Products. You will waste less and deliver more gas.

  • Replacement Oil Dippers
  • Packing Leakage Monitor
  • Scavenging Valve





Performance Control Devices

ACI offers a line of volume and bypass Unloading Devices. ACI also supplies a range of actuators for reduced volume demands, variable operating pressures, and reduced discharge pressures.

  • Front-head Fixed Volume Clearance Pockets
  • MultiPocket™ (Multiple Front-head Clearance Pockets)
  • Over-valve Fixed Volume Clearance Pockets
  • Pneumatic Actuators
  • Front-head Bypass (SimPlex™/DuPlex™ Unloading Devices)
  • Plug-type End Deactivators
  • VariPocket™ (Hydraulic Variable Volume Pockets)
  • Radial and Rotavator Unloaders™
  • Clearance and Variable Pneumatic Clearance Unloaders

Pulsation Control Devices

ACI offers pulsation dampening devices which help increase flow rates, increase revenue and eliminate unnecessary wear and tear on reciprocating compressor packages.

  • Dynamic Variable Orifice (DVO)
  • Tunable Side Branch Absorber (TSBA)